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when we left him at Naples. She Is very large,
with a handsome face and bad figure. Her hair
is very black, but she wears sometimes an auburn
or a fair wig.

They have told me many things of Naples
which will interest you. Sir William has given
me a list of all the people executed upon the
return of Cardinal Rufo and the King, notwith-
standing the capitulation. I enclose you a copy
of it, by which you will see, as Sir W. says, that
almost every man of worth and learning is de-
stroyed or fled from Naples.

He showed me the English letter poor Cyrillo
wrote to him for his interference, but which
Marshal Pignatelli took care should not be de-
livered to him until after the unfortunate petitioner's
execution. It is manly, and simply affecting.

The Duke of Cassano was put to death, and
his wife would have been so likewise, but the
Queen had her life saved, because it was known
she hated her, and she thought her death would
be ascribed to personal vindictiveness. The in-
fant son of young Gensano was executed, and his
father near dying of grief in consequence; but
now he is thinking of marrying again.

The Duke of Andria went to revolutionise his
estates, and upon the people there refusing to